Assam Rifles Public School

Admission Policy

The School admits children of all ranks of defence/CAPF personnel posted in Manipur. Children of civilians are encouraged for admission to the school subject to availability of seats.


Fresh admission can be made in the school throughout the session.Admission to children of serving Aaam Rifles personnel coming on transfer from out station can be made anytime during the year and they will not be denied admission, sebjected however to the stipulation laid down by the CBSE in class IX-XII Admission of civilian children to Assam Rifles School will not be at the cost of Assam Rifles children, the latter will never be refused admission. Strength of civilian children will not exceed 10% (inclusive of NRI children) of the overall strength in a class after admitting all Assam Rifles children and also catering for their midsession admissions. Civilian children can be admitted only if infrastructure permits and their admission does not adversely affect teacher to student ratio, subject to the conditions as elaborated at Article 144, only after ensuring 100% admission of Assam Rifles children with a few reserved seats for them for mid-session admissions.

Priorities for Admission

The priorities for admission will be as under:
(a) Children of serving Assam Rifles personnel and children of Assam Rifles Widows.
(b) Children of Assam Rifles Ex-servicemen.
(c) Children of other CAPFs perl (serving / retired) and children of civilians paid out of MHA /Defence Estimates.
(d) Children of serving Army, Air Force and Naval personnel.
(e) Children of retired Army, Air Force and Naval personnel.
(f) Children of ex Assam Rifles personnel who left Assam Rifles with less than 10 years of service and do not come under the category of ex-servicemen.
(g) Grand children of serving/retired Assam Rifles personnel.
(h) Other children.

If there is an acute shortage of classrooms and there is difficulty in adjusting all children of serving Assam Rifles personnel, SMC may further prioritize children at Article 141 (a) as follows:
(a) Assam Rifles School Transfer cases and private recognized schools
(b) KV Transfer Cases
(c) Transfer cases from local schools


1. TC for previous school
2. Report Card.
3. Blood group report.
4. 6 Photographs
5. Adhaar Card.
6. Birth certificate

Following category of children will be admitted based on Transfer Certificate (TC) from previous school, without an admission test:

(a) Children who are coming on Pass/promoted TC from another Assam Rifles School/KV between the period 01 Apr to 31 Jul.

(b) Children who have studied for 10 academic months in another Assam Rifles School/KV and are seeking admission after 31 July.

(c) An evaluation test may be taken in respect of these children 10 facilitate further academic coaching and allocation of sections. However such an evaluation test will not be treated as admission test and child entitled admission will be allowed to attend classes within 48 hours of reporting to the school.

(a) All other category of children including Assam Rifles children not covered under admission category may be admitted after an admission test. The Principal will arrange admission test in the subjects as specified in Article 150 and decide whether the student can be admitted and if so, t0 which class. On this point, his/her decision shall be final. The standard of the admission test will be of the level of the annual examination of the class preceding to which admission is sought. However in no case any child of a serving Assam Rifles personnel or Assam Rifles widow will be denied admission. The child will be accepted in a suitable class at the discretion of the Principal.

(b) Assam Rifles children who are to be admitted based on the admiulon test as stated in Article 147 (a) will be allowed to attend the class based on their Transfer Certificate from the previoul school. However their classes for admission would be decided by the Principal within 10 days of their reporting to the school.

(c) Admission Tests will be held on the first working day of every week and result will be announced within 48 hours. A retest, where considered necessary, may be given after seven days of the first admission test.

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